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Item #ItemSellerClosesBidsHigh Bid
Open In New Window 1575834229Hot Item 4 Dragon Koi Veil Angelfish Free Shipping PIC Ending Will Ship InternationalJoegargas 45m 43s645.00
Open In New Window 1575837602Hot Item 4 Platinum Blue Angels Free Shipping PIC Ending Will Ship InternationalJoegargas 01h 41m556.00
Open In New Window 1576266114Hot Item Dollar Item 3 Dragon Koi Veils No Reserve PIC Will Ship InternationalJoegargas05d 00h +518.00
Open In New Window 1576846841Hot Item Dollar Item 3 Super Red Discus NO RESERVE! PIC Will Ship InternationalJoegargas11d 18h +830.33
Open In New Window 1575945007Hot Item Dollar Item MAJOR RED MR. GROUND CONTROL......(__) Will Ship to United States OnlyCrackedglass01d 07h +817.00
  Domesticated Livebearers
Open In New Window 1576869163Hot Item Albino White Sailfin Swordtail Trio Free Ship PIC Will Ship to United States OnlyThefinismightierswordtails12d 00h +571.00
  Aquarium Snails
Open In New Window 1575862603Hot Item Dollar Item 100+ RAINBOW Ramshorn Snails With Free Plants PIC Will Ship to United States OnlyIloveshrimp 08h 38m613.00
Open In New Window 1576119138Hot Item Dollar Item 25 SUPER RARE Assorted Spike Tail MTS NO RESERVE!! PIC Will Ship to United States OnlyMonsterplantsinc03d 07h +1535.00
  Aquarium Moss
Open In New Window 1575858616Hot Item Dollar Item AUCTION + FREE international shipping 10X MARIMO PIC Will Ship InternationalWwwmarimocanadacom 07h 32m1112.00

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