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Item #ItemSellerClosesBidsHigh Bid
Open In New Window 1614481892Hot Item New Item Dollar Item Long Fin Green Dragon Ancistrus Pleco x3 PIC Will Ship to United States OnlyPlecomadness02d 08h +740.00
Open In New Window 1614312423Hot Item Dollar Item Purple dragons-Non Ribbon Breeding pair SEE VIDEO Will Ship to United States OnlyScott36854 09h 31m68.00
  Wild Livebearers
Open In New Window 1614370548Hot Item Dollar Item 5 fry - Poecilia Velifera (Yucatan Peninsula) Will Ship to Continental United States OnlyJajameson201001d 01h +611.02
  US Native Fish
Open In New Window 1614390640Hot Item For sale is a six pack of Redfin Darters PIC Will Ship to United States OnlyMissifishppi01d 07h +654.00
  Rooted Aquarium Plants
Open In New Window 1614645094Hot Item WOW!! 60+ Clumps of Narrow Leaf ferns - HUGE lot!! PIC Will Ship to United States OnlyAquazone04d 05h +9125.00
Open In New Window 1614645951Hot Item WOW!! 50+ Clumps of Windelov ferns - HUGE lot!!! PIC Will Ship to United States OnlyAquazone04d 06h +636.00

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