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10 Grams Levamisole HCl Powder +++FREE SHIPPING+++
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Current Auction Time: Mon Jun 24 05:51:56 2024

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Started Apr 24 2024 - 02:20:02 AM Location Rosebud MO 63091-1819 United States
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10 Grams Levamisole HCl Powder
Treats 200 Gallons of Aquarium Water
$19.99 - FREE USPS First Class Shipping
Lot Number 230423-1 - Expiration Date 09/2026

Camallanus Worms in Ram Camallanus Worm

USE: Very effective treatment for Camallanus and Capillaria roundworm (nematode) infestations in freshwater tropical fish. Levamisole HCL is safe to use in aquaria and effective against many internal parasites, especially nematodes, when used in appropriate dosages. It does not harm the bio-filter, plants, invertebrates or uninfected fish. As an added benefit, it also boosts the immune system of fish. Nematodes such as Capillaria, Eustronggylides, Camallanus, and Contracaecum are common among many fish species. Levamisole HCl is highly effective as a treatment against these nematode species, but does not work for tapeworms, flatworms or flukes. Quarantine tank treatment with Levamisole HCl prior to placing new wild caught fish into an established community tank is advised. This will both eliminate parasites (those affected by Levamisole HCl) and boost the immune system of your fish helping them to keep at bay any secondary infections as a result of parasitic damage.

DOSAGE:You simply mix one of the 5g packets of Levamisole HCl powder with 10 fluid ounces of water (1 1/4 cups) until it is well dissolved. One fluid ounce or two tablespoons of the mixed solution should be used for every 10 gallons of tank water. You can store any unused stock solution in a glass container with a plastic lid (don't use a metal lid) for up to 3 months in your refrigerator, but make sure it is properly labeled and not accessible to children.

DIRECTIONS: You should do a massive water change BEFORE you add the medication. Leave the medication in the tank for 3 days (72 hours), then do another massive water change. Massive water change means as close to 100% as possible. Your gravel (if you have any) should also be vacuumed to remove any dead worms. The dead, decaying worms can easily pollute your tank water, so the water changes are really important. There is no need to completely break down the tank and destroy any beneficial bacteria. You MUST repeat the treatment in 3 weeks, as any leftover dead worms may still have eggs that can reinfect your tank. You should feed your fish with high quality food (ex. frozen/live) during treatment as you want them to eat a lot of food to push out any dead worms from their gut. You need to observe your fish carefully for a few days after treatment. It is possible they may still have some dead worms inside of them that will start decaying and could cause a bacterial infection. Bloated bellies or the fish not eating may be an indication of this problem. Large fish seem to have an easier time expelling the dead worms. Be prepared to treat with antibiotics if necessary. Any dead fish should not be flushed down the toilet as you may be spreading the worms into the water system. Wrap the fish in newspaper and allow to completely dry before disposal. This medication is safe for plants and snails/invertebrates. Please keep this medication out of the reach of children. The Levamisole powder has a shelf life of ~2 years if kept in a cool dry environment and tightly sealed.

*** 10 Grams will treat 200 gallons in an effective solution of 13 parts per million (0.013g/ml). Turn off UV or Ozone generators when using this medication. Remove activated carbon from your filter during treatment. Aquarium lights should be turned off during treatment. The pH and temperature of the tank water is not a factor for effective treatment. This product is not for use on fish livestock destined for human consumption. Keep in a cool and dry location out of the reach of children. ***

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