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Listing Policies

In an effort to help Sellers list items in an appropriate and proper manner, we�ve provided you with some guidelines below, which outline how items should be listed and how we deal with listings that violate our policies and User Agreement.

Listing Your Item by Category

Every item listed by Sellers on must be listed by its proper category or categories. Currently only allows one category for each listing. Do not list merchandise in the Live Fish categories

Items not properly categorized in their listing will be either moved by to the proper listing location or simply deleted.

Offline Auctions

Offline Auctions happen when a Seller lists multiple items and allows Buyers to choose from the listed items, which one(s) they prefer to purchase. Thus, the agreement to a purchase price, the item choice, auction or transaction takes place offline. These types of transactions can end in fraud or distortion of the facts relating to the item(s). reserves the right to remove any such listings at its sole discretion.

Duplicate or Multiple Listings

Duplicate or Multiple Listings occur when a Seller wishes to list multiple identical items for sale on Sellers may either list these items in one listing, denoting the amount of identical items they have for sale; or they may list the identical items separately.

We ask that seller do not post more than 2 of the same items that will close within one week of each other.


Registered Sellers are not allowed to place advertisements in their listings on, for outside parties, services or products, which are not relevant to the item being listed. The seller does have the right to list their own website or sites in their listings as long as the content of the website(s) in question are not in violation of policies in any way. An item listing/description may only describe the item being auctioned on and information about the seller. does offer advertising options for private and corporate advertising. You may visit for information on creating banners and advertising on or any of the other websites.. welcomes corporate sponsorship for special promotions will run throughout the year. If you would like more information regarding�s advertising program please send an email to

Please review our User Agreement for further details regarding this issue.

The placement of advertisements on must fall within guidelines or the listings well be removed.

Acknowledgements realizes that many Sellers contract with outside parties for the purpose of performing specific tasks in relation to the item being listed, i.e. companies that list software, offer image hosting and formatting, web hit counters, payment processing service, etc. Many of these third party businesses require acknowledgement for their services within the item listing on the website. These acknowledgements or �credits� are permissible on, provided they meet the following criteria:

Listings on may contain a small, inconspicuous acknowledgement, which recognizes any third party entity that provide products or services directly related to the item being listed or the listing itself. The acknowledgement may either contain only a logo (94x38 pixels) or only text (HTML font size 3), which identifies or acknowledges the business providing the service or product. As outlined above, the listing may not contain advertising or promotional information regarding the business. Listings that do not meet any of�s conditions regarding this issue, will be removed and the advertiser will be asked to revise their item�s listing. Repeated offenses may result in suspension of a user�s Seller account.

For icon, graphic or logo acknowledgements:

* The size of the icon, graphic or logo cannot be larger than 94x38 pixels.
* The icon, graphic or logo can only be linked to the website for the third party company that is being acknowledged, provided that the website it links to does not contain any material or information that is prohibited on Policy on Prohibited Items
* It may not include promotional information or related material.
* It may only act as identification for the provider of the services or product.

For text acknowledgements:

* The text font size is strictly limited to HTML font size 3, and is limited to 10 words or less (see example below).
* The text acknowledgement may contain text links, but only to the website of the third party company that is being acknowledged, provided that the website it links to does not contain any material or information that is prohibited on Policy on Prohibited Items
* The text acknowledgement may only include information regarding the third party company�s services or products, which relate directly to the item or the listing itself. For example: �Graphics developed by Business A� or �Escrow services provided by Business B�.

Trade Items or Items Wanted Ads does not permit users to promote a wish to trade or buy items in their auction listings; however, we do suggest you use the Wanted Items section, where users can list a wanted item.

Any auction listing found to contain requests for trade items or items wanted will be removed from the site.

Bonuses, Lotteries, Raffles, Prizes & Giveaways

Any item listing that markets bonus or free items, lotteries, raffles, prizes, giveaways, random drawings or any similar event in an attempt to attract Buyers are prohibited to post on, and are actually considered illegal sweepstakes in some states.

Any listing found to contain advertising for free or bonus items, lotteries, raffles, prizes, giveaways, random drawings, sweepstakes, or any related event, will be removed from the site.

Listing Methods that Violate�s Policies

* Keyword Spamming Extensive use of keywords, i.e. popular brand names, which are utilized to create appeal to Buyers or focus Buyers attention to a certain item listing.
* Deceptive or misleading item listing titles, keywords, or descriptions.
* Links

Links to other websites are allowed as long as they meet the following criteria:
o Link is to a photo or graphic used to better display your listing.
o Link is to your personal or business web site.
o Link is for 3rd party acknowledgements.
o Link does not lead to a web site with material that would otherwise be prohibited on
* Failing to list pertinent information in an auction listing. Such as but not limited to selling an item that cannot be used unless an additional item is purchased from the seller with out proper and complete disclosure.
* Listings that are strictly promotions or listings acting as a bulletin. No item is for sale the listing is posted information.
* Listings for non-tangible good. does allow information to be sold. However the information must be tangible such as a book, filter etc. To sell a link that will lead you to information on is prohibited.
* It is strictly prohibited to create a listing with Misleading Titles, description or photos. All auctions listings must have consistent and accurate information through out the entire listing.

These types of listing methods are prohibited on and will be removed from the site. The use of keyword spamming is prohibited and may result in suspension or termination of a user account. Any listing found to be utilizing the above listing methods or links will be removed from the site.

Repeated Violations

If a Buyer or Seller repeatedly violates these any policies or any provision of the User Agreement, the violator�s user account may be subject to suspension or termination.

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