Article # 19
Category: Policies

Bid Retraction Policy

All bids posted in every auction on are binding, and the user posting the bid is obligated to complete the transaction if the Seller of the item accepts a posted bid.

There are occasional unique circumstances under which the Buyer may retract a bid prior to the Seller accepting the bid, and only under these circumstances may a Buyer retract a bid:

Unique Circumstances Where Bids May Be Retracted

* The bidder unintentionally enters the wrong bid amount, such as entering $50.00 for an item instead of $5.00. (Retraction requests that involve minor or small mistakes in the bid amount will not be considered.)
* The description of the item the Buyer is bidding has significantly been altered.

Circumstances Where Bids May Not Be Retracted

* A Buyer decides that they do not want to buy the item after all.
* Buyer decides that they bid higher than they originally planned.
* A Buyer decides that they cannot really afford to purchase the item at the price that they bid.
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